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Sponsoring The Operations Room gives companies the opportunity to connect with an exclusive audience of influential business leaders.

Our podcast is a trusted resource for COOs, CEOs, Founders, and Operations professionals, with over 60% of our listeners holding senior decision-making positions.

As a leading podcast in business management, "The Operations Room" boasts a loyal base of over 7,000 listeners, 80% of whom are located in the U.S. and UK.

We promote each episode of "The Operations Room" across multiple platforms, including major podcast directories, social media, our dedicated newsletter, and within operations communities.

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"We're proud to be an Operations Room Podcast sponsor. The content is excellent and significantly boosted WorkTripp's brand awareness amongst COOs, and we are huge fans of Beth and Brandon's work. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend being a partner.”

- Sophie Bailey, CEO at WorkTripp

Reads are organic, authoritative descriptions spoken by Bethany and Brandon about your brand or product. We collaborate on scripts or talking points to ensure it connects with our COO audience.

We have two options - both available in 10 week blocks:

  • 30 second pre-roll ad that plays at the start of the podcast

  • 60 second mid-roll ad that plays in the middle of the podcast

They include:

  • Ad play on all new episodes and our back catalogue for the duration of the sponsorship

  • Promoting your company as a new sponsor on all our social channels and newsletter

  • First right to renew at the end of the period

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We work with select partners to help you position your brand and gain valuable connections in three ways.

Media partnerships

We will record an episode live at your event that you can add to your line up. It can be a fireside chat, panel discussion or interview.

We'll promote your event on the podcast and online for 4 weeks. The episode will go live 2 weeks post-event. You're free to share the episode and reuse the content after.

Customised podcast mini-series

We work with you on a custom mini-series that positions your company as a thought leader in your category.

We collaborate on topic, narrative and guest selection to ensure it connects with our COO audience.

This includes your brand logo in three promotional videos per episode and the guest photo plus your brand (if desired) included in the episode thumbnail. Episodes will be promoted through our social channels and email newsletter.

These are sold in 3 episode blocks. From purchase to the first episode going live is usually 2 months.

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