What's embodiment?

It's living in your body with full awareness.

It's about feeling your experiences—whether they're thoughts, emotions, or physical sensations—instead of just thinking about them. It's about being present and engaged with your own physical and emotional experiences, creating a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.

Simply - it's living life as your whole self, not just your head.

How does it make me a better leader?

Embodiment gives me the ability to understand and connect with myself and others with little judgement. As an embodied leader, I'm not just making decisions from my head—I'm also drawing upon an abundance of feelings, intuition and wisdom.

It helps me communicate more authentically, understand others needs, and navigate challenges with empathy. I've been told that being connected to my own experiences and feelings, makes me a relatable and trustworthy leader.

Embodiment gives me a leadership toolkit that includes a strong sense of self-awareness, a knack for understanding others, and a genuine connection with other people.

Curious? Join me for an hour taster session and see if it's right for you.

concrete pathway with gray metal fence
concrete pathway with gray metal fence

What to expect in class

We will start with some stillness to come into our bodies and onto the mat. Then we will do a warm up. After that - who knows!

Each class is unique and depends on energy levels and interests of the "room". Sometimes we may stay on the floor for the full hour. Other times we may find ourselves exploring standing positions.

It's a one hour class over Zoom. Ideally, you'll have your camera on, so I can gauge when everyone is ready to move on, but if you'd prefer yours off, that's fine.

I will record me doing the class, but the class is interactive, so it's best if you can join us live.

What you need for class

If you have a carpeting or a rug, then you don't need anything. I'd recommend a yoga mat if you have hard floors otherwise you might not be that comfortable.

Wear clothes you can move in. It doesn't need to be yoga pants or sweats. I once had a student who wore jeans and moved just fine.

It's best if you can be in a quiet room and will be undisturbed for the hour.

You may want to have some spare cushions, pillows, blankets and socks to hand for the integration at the end or if we end up doing a restorative session.

More questions?

Sign up for a free session and let me know in the Calendly form what they are.

Ready to give it a go?

The first class is free.

Then £15 per class or £30 per month to attend the weekly classes.

Loved your first class and want more?

The monthly subscription includes access to a library of class recordings. Cancel anytime.

Not ready to commit to 2-3 sessions per month? Then this is best for you.