Marketing, Sales, Success and Product

I can create a revenue engine that works whether your go-to market motion is sales-led, product-led or a mixture of both. This is not about a CRO playbook; this is about taking some level of product market fit and finding a go-to market that delivers a repeatable engine that can scale with sensible metrics.


I can ensure the forecast model represents your GTM assumptions enabling sound decision-making on investments, cash-burn and budgets. I can also use it steward accountability on milestones, aligning board expectations and ensuring leadership buy-in.


I can sharpen the strategy and ensure everyone is aligned around the challenges of the business. More importantly, I can set-up the organisation to respond to those challenges with clarity and excitement by deploying an OKR process that actually works.


I can get the best out of the leadership team individually and collectively. I can also ensure the ways of working, coaching capability and behaviours enable a culture of high performance.

I love working with founders and CEOs

Struggling with their go-to market, but they can't figure how to fix it.

Feeling like they are moving too slow and there is not enough execution happening.

My role is to lead:

a man with glasses and a black shirt
a man with glasses and a black shirt
I have successfully ramped four scale-ups

Two of which have successfully exited to Nuance Communications (2009) and Microsoft (2016) both with 200M+ annual device shipments.

Signal AI (2018) successfully completed their Series D as of 2021 and continues to grow at an ambitious pace. My latest efforts at Trint (2022) helped transform an inexperienced seed organisation into a professionalised post Series A operation with a £9M fundraise led by the New York Times

"Being human" sits at the heart of my leadership style

There are three things that matter to me.

People feel like I care about them personally and professionally.

I exude a sense of humility that fosters togetherness, openness and flexibility.

I am there to serve and set individuals and teams up for success

I am a go-to market oriented COO that specialises in scaling B2B technology companies

I have owned the P&L across three organisations with responsibility for revenue. I am experienced in high-volume transactional businesses through to complex enterprise sales cycles. I am also well versed across business models including software licensing, professional services and SaaS (sales-led, product-led growth and product led sales).

I have scaled two SaaS subscription businesses. One from 30 to 300+ enterprise customers with a classic sales-led model. The other ramped from 2,000 to 20,000+ subscribers using a product led growth motion coupled with a product led sales motion delivering 150+ enterprise clients.

I also scaled a software licensing business with multi-year, multi-million pound deals with OEM’s across global markets. This also included delivering the #1 consumer app on Google Play across 55 countries for over two years.

I help in three ways


I help you think through the challenges of the business on a monthly basis. In the first session, we look at your forecast, key timings and work our way backwards on challenges and opportunities. For follow-on sessions we examine those challenges and key issues that have cropped up during the month. This is an equity-based arrangement.


I join on a fixed term basis to resolve a particular challenge. Depending on your stage (and cash in the bank), the day rate is £900 to £1,200. There is an equity ask below £1,200. Minimum 3 month engagements.


I join the leadership team on a permanent, ongoing basis two to four days per week. Compensation is calculated on a % of salary basis

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