9. Generative AI & the Impact on the COO role

Generative AI & the Impact on the COO role

9/21/20231 min read

We discuss the following:

  • How does a smaller, tech-enabled company get started?

  • Who should own the quality of data ingested into a generative AI model?

  • Is it good enough to throw a bit of policy around the use of chatGPT and how SaaS tools with generative-based features should be used?

  • Is it realistic to think more broadly around orchestration of organisational data and insights for the business right now, given where these products are at?

  • Are we talking about a Snowflake - Looker type solution for generative AI?

  • What is a sensible, phased approach?

  • How should you think about internal communications and training

  • What would you say to the COO that is heads down on the business and feels guilty about not spending enough time thinking about how to leverage AI?

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