40. Why does community matter for organisations?

In this episode we discuss the loneliness epidemic, the future of work and what role should employers play in it. We are joined by Jaclyn Pascocello, the founder of Fabrik.

4/25/20242 min read

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We chat about the following:

  • The loneliness epidemic

  • The role and responsibility of companies in supporting their lonely employees

  • Are we at the top of a community-building hype cycle?

  • The optimal conditions for the hybrid worker?


Jaclyn LinkedIn



Mom + Founder of Fabrik. A driven leader with a passion for hospitality and customer experience and a proven track record of building and scaling startups. Building an IRL solution to uplift our communities and create more serendipity. Expert in creating unique and memorable consumer experiences in DTC, brick-and-mortar, hospitality, and F&B.


  • Homophobia and the story of a forgotten fashion photographer. 0:06

    • Brandon and Bethany discuss life stages, London, and the BFI's LGBTQ+ film festival.

    • Bethany and Brandon discuss the documentary "Stonewall" and the experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals in the past.

  • Loneliness in remote work and its impact on employees' well-being. 3:40

    • Brandon: Loneliness crisis affects individuals, organizations, and communities.

    • Bethany: Hybrid work is here to stay, but it may lead to more loneliness.

    • Brandon and Bethany discuss the impact of remote work on employee loneliness and the responsibility of organizations to address it.

    • Software developer quit previous job due to lack of pre-existing relationships, highlighting the importance of social connections in the workplace.

  • Combating loneliness in the workplace through professional connections. 9:20

    • Bethany shares her personal experience of feeling unseen and lonely in her marriage, despite being physically present with her husband.

    • Bethany finds it freeing to make deeper connections outside of work due to reduced risk and potential for misinterpretation.

    • Brandon suggests providing financial support for individuals to join professional organizations, such as the CEO roundtable, to combat loneliness and provide emotional support.

  • Building communities for professionals, both internally and externally. 13:25

    • Bethany and others discuss the importance of community and connection in the workplace.

    • Speaker 3: Internal community building should be supported by L&D budget, but external communities can also be fostered.

    • Bethany: External communities can be monetized to help employees feel less lonely, but internal connection is also important.

  • Workplace community building, employee resource groups, and customer advocacy communities. 17:40

    • Organizations should focus on supporting community within the employee base through programs like mental health subsidies and employee resource groups.

    • Employee resource groups provide a safe space for employees to discuss certain topics without feeling uncomfortable, and companies should prioritize this within their organizations.

    • Speaker 3 highlights rise of customer communities for brands, with goals of support, feedback, loyalty, and advocacy.

  • Hybrid work and community, with a focus on connection and wellness. 21:25

    • Speaker 3: Hybrid work requires rethinking team gatherings, budgets for productive spaces.

    • Speaker 3: Companies should provide options for employees to work in inspiring, connected places.

    • Speaker 3: Being lonely is like smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and companies must address this by providing wellness programming, mindfulness, and community spaces.

    • Speaker 3 recommends starting small by providing a budget for employees to join communities that resonate with them, and tracking the data to see the impact on productivity and well-being.

  • Work-life balance, mental health, and community connection. 27:05

    • Brandon: Importance of work-life balance for Gen X and Gen Z.

    • Bethany: Mental health and balancing work and community for younger generations.

    • Speaker 3: Connecting with others can combat loneliness, even for introverts.

    • Bethany: Seeking meaningful connections can lead to a boost in energy and vibration.