10. What are the five traits of successful COO’s?

Our special guest is Charlene Chen, a key figure in the startup operations community and former COO of Lantum and AZA Finance.

9/28/20231 min read

We discuss the following:

  • How do different personalities and styles of Ops leaders contribute to the overall success of a company?

  • In what ways do Ops leaders act as the connective tissue of a company?

  • How can communication breakdown be addressed as a company scales and teams become siloed?

  • What are the key responsibilities of Ops leaders in terms of internal communications?

  • How does the performance of teams who don't directly report to a COO reflect on their success and failure?

  • Why is it challenging for COOs to measure their value and articulate their impact in an OKR format?

  • How do consultants-turned-Ops leaders approach problem-solving differently from those without a consulting background?

  • Why is self-awareness important for COOs and operations leaders in identifying their strengths and weaknesses?

  • How does resourcefulness play a significant role in the success of COOs, especially in times of crisis or limited resources?

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Key traits of a COO

  • Generalist - Jacks and Jills of all trades covering multiple functions

  • Hourglass-Shaped - Ability to zoom out to do strategy but zoom in to design minute processes

  • Gluey - The connective tissue of a company, filling the gaps in and between cross-functional teams

  • Resourceful - Making do with little human or financial capital

  • Humble - Work hard behind the scenes with little credit given (not as glorified as engineers and salespeople)


Charlene Chen has over 15 years of operational leadership experience working with a variety of organizations ranging from tech startups to international non-profits to Fortune 500 companies. She began her career as an IT consultant at Deloitte Consulting, but spent 8 years focused on operational leadership of socially impactful venture-capital backed businesses in the fintech and healthtech industries. Charlene was co-founder and COO of AZA Finance (formerly BitPesa), former COO of Lantum, and is Co-Founder of Operations Nation, a community-led digital hub for Ops-specific content, resources, and training.